DAMAGED JUSTICE The Tribute to Metallica

Eric Babcock, Rythm Guitar & Vocals
Robert Maslianksy, Drums & Bons
Javier Gonzalez, Lead Guitar
Joaquin Luebanos, Bass Guitar

Damaged Justice was formed in 1996 by drummer Robert Masliansky. Robert kept the band together through the thick and thin of Metallica's career and the local Chicago music scene. It's the band's long-term goal to play every single song in Metallica's catalog live on stage. In the short term, Damaged Justice aims to please Metallica fans of every type; with set lists routinely comprised of tunes spanning the entire Metalli-collection.

HELL AWAITS The Ultimate Tribute to Slayer

Mike Dooley, Bass Guitar & Vocals
Garrett Scanlan, Drums
Pat Clancy, Guitar
Matt McClelland, Guitar

Hell Awaits brings the relentless power of Slayer with impressive precision; having been formed from the ashes of a band called Corpsevomit. Since Slayer can't be everywhere at once, Hell Awaits is proud to perform the soundtrack to hell throughout Chicagoland until Slayer makes their way back into town. The band focusus on playing Slayer tunes from their conception through Seasons in the Abyss exclusively.

HANGAR 18 Chicago's Newest Tribute to Megadeth

Mike Myzyri, Guitar & Vocals
Robert Maslianksy, Drums
Bradley Noe, Guitar
Joaquin Luebanos, Bass Guitar

Hangar 18 is purpose-built for Tribute to The Big 4 and this event would not be possible without their efforts. The band is made up of experienced musicians in the lineage of Damaged Justice; both past & present. The inagural show at Penny Road Pub on March 9, 2013 represents the live debut of Hangar 18; what better way to unleash their Mega-prowess upon the world!

AMONG THE LIVING Chicagoland's Premier Anthrax Cover Band

Jaime Bagadoughnuts, Vocals
Joey Tryin', Rythm Guitar
Jason Quits, Lead Guitar
Omar Belows, Bass
Phil Burrito, Drums

Among The Living formed because they noticed one big band was missing in the Chicago tribute scene; Anthrax! The band is comprised of five dedicated Anthrax fans who have vast experience collaborating with one another in various other projects. Each of them brings the intensity of Anthrax to the stage; enciting War Dances and getting the crowd Caught in a Mosh.

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